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A New Take on Contact Center Workload

Much of the discussion around contact center workload revolves around agents. In-call workload. Post-call workload. Maintenance workload. Training workload. Etc., etc. While its all well and good to discuss and assess agent workload for the benefit of improving contact center services, you’re missing the bigger (and more important) picture. How’s the caller’s workload?

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Lean Part 4: Takt Time

The final concept in Parlance’s exploration of Lean practices for call management concerns timing and intervals. “Takt Time” is traditionally defined as a “measurement of production intervals required to meet customer demand”. It is the time between the start of production of one unit and the start of production of the next unit – when these production starts are set to match customer demand.

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Lean Part 3: Control over the Queue

The 3rd Lean manufacturing concept you can apply to call management is “Kanban”, which translates to “Control” or “Queue”. Kanban concerns the signals in place to order relevant supplies in response to real-time demand for end products. Basically, having what you need – when you need it – to meet customers’ needs.

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