Reinvent the Caller Experience with Parlance

Here are just some of the ways that we can help your organization

Parlance chart

Why Parlance?

Unequalled Expertise.

With 20+ years of call handling experience, we know how to pair groundbreaking technology with caller behavior insights to give your callers what they want.

We Optimize the Caller Experience.

Our goal is to make the experience better, faster, and actually enjoyable.

Customized Service for Each Caller.

Working closely with you, we develop custom approaches to better serve all of your calling communities.

Your Callers Evolve, Our Solution Adapts.

Our solutions continuously learn and adapt to caller behavior, and let you meet the unique needs of your callers.

Ongoing Partnership.

Our team is completely committed to working closely with you to understand the changing needs of your calling community and meet your call handling needs – it’s our sole focus, 24/7.

We Take Responsibility for Connecting the Caller.

We deliver all of our solutions as fully managed services, taking care of the day-to-day management needs of your call handling and making life easier for your employees and IT team.

Guaranteed Performance.

We guarantee the satisfaction of your callers and we guarantee that Parlance will handle 33% of calls to your organization within a month.

Predictable Costs.

We charge a fixed service fee that includes everything – there are no hidden charges or tuning costs.

Exceptional Scalability.

Our solutions can easily scale to accommodate directories greater than 100,000 destinations and unlimited call volumes – adding new call center locations, addressing growing calling communities, and keeping pace with your voice network.

Proven Results.

We help Fortune 500 companies, major medical institutions, and leading colleges and universities please callers, manage call loads, and reduce service delivery costs.