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Our new blog series highlights “4 Reasons to Use Speech Self-Service in Your Help Desk”. The final volume examines ways to identify hidden improvement areas in the Help Desk that can improve caller experiences and reduce workload.

4 Reasons to Use Speech Self-Service in Your Help Desk

The latest article in our “Parlance Perspective” series looks at common Help Desk challenges, and demonstrates 4 ways speech self-service technology can improve caller experiences and increase agent availability.

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For many Help Desks, there are obvious ways to improve caller experiences and reduce agent workload. Deflecting routine calls away from agents and leveraging skills-based routing to improve services and raise first call resolution rates (see volumes one, two, and three) is a good starting point. One that delivers immediate benefits. Yet, this is often only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to optimizing call management processes in the Help Desk.

Additional, solvable challenges frequently exist that can remain hidden from discernment via normal reporting and analysis. There can also be “technology aversion” dynamics at play − where concerns are deemed too costly or complex to address. Or perhaps simply the status quo nature of the Help Desk operation makes it difficult to see things from a different angle or explore potential efficiencies and solutions that may be employed to improve services and please callers. 

Partnering with a qualified call management vendor can not only help address obvious call management challenges, but can also help uncover and identify hidden improvement areas that can be addressed via speech self-service. These lightweight enhancements to the existing Help Desk infrastructure can go beyond the obvious challenges to enable greater efficiencies for agents and faster experiences for callers. At Parlance, we begin each customer partnership with an in-depth Customer Experience Survey, which provides a comprehensive view of Help Desk call management processes, and the obvious and non-obvious ways speech self-service could provide benefit. Once the partnership is in place, Parlance’s inclusive analysis and listening functions kick in, and continuously uncover new ways to create Help Desk efficiency as caller behavior or the services offered evolve. Perhaps speech self-service could help accelerate or deflect Password reset calls to the correct external resource. Perhaps common knowledge base questions could be automatically redirected or even read back to callers. Perhaps authentication processes could be streamlined and shortened. There are always hidden efficiencies lurking in Help Desk call management processes that can be identified and addressed. Sometimes it just takes the right partner to know where to look. 

In this series we’ve examined the four reasons to use speech self-service in your contact center. From call deflection and skills-based routing to first call resolution improvement and identification of hidden improvements, these solutions are a powerful weapon for the Help Desk’s call management arsenal, and deliver ongoing value while scaling to meet changing caller and agent requirements. To learn more about the role of speech self-service solutions and Skills Based Routing in Help Desk environments, check out Parlance’s new article below, “4 Reasons to Use Speech Self-Service in Your Help Desk”.

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