Understand the Caller Journey

With CX Insights

Parlance CX Insights deliver unprecedented visibility into the complete caller journey. By looking at the entire caller journey – from the moment the caller dials in until hang up, including all transfers and interactions – Parlance delivers actionable insights that can help you make better call management decisions and subsequent investments. Deeply understand who your callers are, what they’re trying to do, the call paths they take, and where you can improve services and streamline call flow. Move beyond the limited scope of point based analysis tools to gain complete caller experience context. Uncover critical CX roadblocks and invest more wisely armed with greater knowledge of caller intent and behavior.

caller using speech self service solution

What are CX Insights?

CX Insights are a way to understand the entire caller journey, identify problem areas, and make more informed decisions to improve the caller experience. Your organization may have visibility and understanding of the experience callers receive in different service areas (contact center A, the Billing department, the switchboard). Yet, it is virtually impossible to build a holistic view of the end-to-end experience callers receive as they make their way through your voice network’s various interaction points. Until now.

Who needs CX Insights?

Any organization looking to answer the following types of questions can benefit from Parlance CX Insights:

  • What are the most common call paths callers take, and how do we optimize them?
  • Why do callers abandon, and what can we do about it?
  • What impact do our IVR menus have on callers, and how do we fix them?
  • Where do excessive transfers occur, and how can we reduce them?
  • What call management dynamics most negatively influence my callers, and how do we make improvements?

Identify CX Friction Points

Looking at the entire caller journey and associated call paths uncovers various friction points that detract from the caller experience or indicate dissatisfaction.

Understand the Caller Journey

Go beyond individual measurement tools (call recording, speech analytics, etc.) and understand the caller journey from the caller’s perspective.

Make Better CX Investment Decisions

Gain the invaluable caller insight needed to create winning customer experience strategies, enhance satisfaction, and elevate your brand.

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