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Keeping customer relationships fresh.
Busy restaurant managers and chefs can frequently encounter overloaded agents or frustrating and slow Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems when engaging their food service suppliers. Parlance let’s food service companies deliver a fast, efficient, and simple customer experience through either centralized call management solutions at the corporate level, or at the individual operating company level. Our fully managed solutions are already benefitting dozens of operating companies and service centers at the largest food service distributors in the United States.

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Case Studies

Sysco Foods

Sysco has sales and service relationships with approximately 400,000 customers and remains committed to helping them succeed in the food service industry and satisfy consumers’ appetites. Sysco Eastern Maryland was experiencing increasing volume to their main number, and sought to implement a solution to help automate call traffic. They evaluated multiple speech-enabled call handling systems to best determine the most appropriate solution for their needs, and two speech solutions were implemented for a 2-week testing period.

Learn why Sysco Eastern Maryland and dozens of additional Sysco operating companies and contact centers now rely on Parlance for 24/7/365 call management.

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White Papers

State of the Caller Experience - 2017

Parlance and Tern Systems Consulting present a new study that examines how inbound calls are handled by large organizations in the U.S. This comprehensive paper discusses the various approaches to handling incoming calls, looks at the mix of technologies used across major market segments, and discusses these trends, the future of call handling, and steps your organization can take today to assess the experience delivered to callers.

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Are You Empowering Your Operators?

Not many customer service professionals can say that their duties can literally be a matter of life and death. Healthcare switchboard operators have not only one of the most important customer satisfaction positions in healthcare, but also one of the most complex. Our new White Paper looks at the many different tasks and responsibilities assigned to switchboard personnel, and offers an in-depth examination of the many call handling and non-call handling duties that make the position so challenging yet vital.

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