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Customer Profiles

    media Landmark Medical Center - Parlance helps Landmark Operators deliver excellent caller experiences by offloading more than 70% of routine requests from the PBX.
    media Utah Valley University - Parlance offloads 66% of monthly calls from UVU operators, enabling ROI equal to 5X their investment.
    media Texas A&M University - Texas A&M University sought a solution that could reduce operator workload and streamline the management of operator services.
    media Doctors Community Hospital - Doctors Community Hospital was experiencing call handling challenges due to overwhelming call load to operators.
    media Union College - Union College sought to reduce live operator call load and after-hour calls to public safety officers, as well as provide...
    media UNH - The University of New Hampshire was receiving unsatisfactory performance from their existing call handling solution, and were searching for alternatives...
    media Sysco Eastern MD - Sysco Eastern Maryland sought an automated solution to address growing call load, and conducted a two week trial of two...
    media St. Joseph - PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center experienced a high amount of internal calls to the switchboard due to the lack of a dependable enterprise directory.
    media Reebok - Reebok International faced considerable directory difficulties that made it difficult to enable effective call handling for salespeople and staff.
    media Colgate - Colgate University had difficulties in managing their switchboard call traffic, as Campus Safety staff worked to balance rising call loads with...
“Two weeks after going live with Parlance, I walked into a senior executive meeting and before I could say anything, they were applauding.”

Renown Health Dramatically Improves Contact Center Caller Experience

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