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Meeting the call management needs of manufacturing.
Parlance helps manufacturing enterprises streamline switchboard and call center operations while enhancing the caller experience. In addition to pleasing callers, reducing costs, and increasing call handling efficiency, Parlance can resolve changing dial plan issues (e.g. moving from an old 3 digit pattern to new 4 digit pattern), improve employee access to a wider set of enterprise destinations (coworker cell phones, for instance), and deliver universal dialing across the entire enterprise. Improve customer satisfaction and deliver simple and intuitive caller experiences.

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Case Studies

Reebok International

Reebok International Ltd., headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts, is a leading worldwide designer, marketer and distributor of sports, fitness and casual footwear, apparel and equipment. The lack of an enterprise employee directory at Reebok made it difficult for their sales representatives to connect with employees and departments at headquarters while traveling. In order to simplify connections, Reebok provided sales representatives with a direct line to the main switchboard via an 800 number. Operators at the switchboard, who were busy handling customer and prospect calls, could not efficiently handle the additional transfer requests from the sales team, resulting in extended connection times for all callers.

Learn how Parlance speech self-service solutions improved internal access to resources, and eased the burden on Reebok’s switchboard operators.

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White Papers

Taming Contact Center Workload

Rising workloads have caused a 9% annual growth rate in U.S. contact center staffing in recent years. Despite the additional hires, excessive workload continues to adversely affect several different communities — from Agents and Managers to IT personnel. But the community being most affected by workload may not be the one that you think it is (Hint: It’s the Caller).

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Can Lean Practices Transform Call Management?

Reducing waste, improving services, controlling capacity, and understanding the timing needed to meet customer demand are all hallmarks of Lean Manufacturing. A new white paper by Parlance places these dynamics in the context of call management in the healthcare contact center, demonstrating specific ways today’s advanced caller self-service solutions are meeting Lean objectives. The paper outlines many of the growing challenges faced by healthcare contact centers in meeting ever increasing healthcare needs and growing call volumes. It demonstrates how the fundamental principles of Lean can be easily implemented through better caller self-service, allowing these contact centers to do more with less, while delivering greater value to end-users.

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State of the Caller Experience - 2017

Parlance and Tern Systems Consulting present a new study that examines how inbound calls are handled by large organizations in the U.S. This comprehensive paper discusses the various approaches to handling incoming calls, looks at the mix of technologies used across major market segments, and discusses these trends, the future of call handling, and steps your organization can take today to assess the experience delivered to callers.

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Are You Empowering Your Operators?

Not many customer service professionals can say that their duties can literally be a matter of life and death. Healthcare switchboard operators have not only one of the most important customer satisfaction positions in healthcare, but also one of the most complex. Our new White Paper looks at the many different tasks and responsibilities assigned to switchboard personnel, and offers an in-depth examination of the many call handling and non-call handling duties that make the position so challenging yet vital.

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