Call Center Automation

Provide Callers with Superior Customer Service

The Obstacle to Great Caller Experience

Parlance understands the difficulties many callers experience when using the auto attendants offered through many call centers. Often, the service provided by such systems is unsatisfactory, and forces the caller into an seemingly endless loop of instructions, options, and frustration.

Automated Voice Response that Delivers

Callers demand fast responses, and don’t want to wait to reach their required resource. Parlance allows your organization to improve your callers’ experiences through increased speed, natural interaction, and improved service. Parlance delivers exceptional experiences for callers, and makes them more likely to become a satisfied, recurring customer.

State-of-the-Art Automated Phone System Technology

Unlike outdated IVRs and auto attendants, Parlance allows your callers to speak, respond, and behave naturally, just as they would with a real person. Through state-of-the-art speech recognition, groundbreaking natural language capabilities, and managed services to keep everything running at optimal levels, Parlance provides unprecedented caller satisfaction, far beyond the majority of solutions used today.

Long Term Benefits

With Parlance you are utilizing cutting-edge virtual phone assistant technology that is designed to streamline your call-handling operations, improve caller satisfaction, save your agents time, increase your workflow efficiency, and bolster your bottom line.

Take your callers’ experience to a much higher level of efficiency, and satisfaction. Learn more about how Parlance, our premier speech-enabled auto attendant solution, can serve the needs of your organization. Call us today at 888-700-6263 to discuss your call handling needs.