The Caller Experience

Deliver an Exceptional Experience to Every Caller

Parlance makes it easy by taking the work and waiting out of calling

More than 85% of your customers form their opinion of your company and brand based on how you handle incoming calls. Make a great impression and you have a satisfied customer. Trap callers in an endless loop of menu options and you have a dissatisfied critic – and a potential social media nightmare. The answer? Deliver an exceptional experience, the kind that callers expect and appreciate.

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Bring new speed to your call handling

Callers want to be connected now – without waiting. They expect the same lightning-fast response they get on their smart phones and other devices. Parlance reduces the time required to get callers where they want to go.

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Make life easier for your callers

Less effort means a better caller experience. Parlance lets callers speak and behave naturally, just like they would with a live operator – and streamlines the process. How? With the latest speech recognition and natural language capabilities, plus advanced managed directory services. That’s why Parlance can go lightyears beyond the capabilities of other solutions.

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Make intelligent call handling part of your business

Parlance delivers a singularly effective, efficient solution for call handling. But it’s also extremely easy to implement in any organization – and to use year after year. Our SaaS model eliminates the expense of building and maintaining on-site technology. And our on-premises solutions integrate seamlessly with dozens of telephony environments, so you don’t need to change the way you work – or the telephone system you’re currently using.

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