We Transform Corporate Directories into Speech-Driven Tools so Public Callers and Internal Callers Connect Quickly and Easily.
Enterprise organizations can’t rely on outdated phone trees or unnecessarily large and expensive operator workforces to field incoming calls. Parlance enables organizations to provide an easier customer experience and employee experience, with voice-driven self-service.


Building Better Experiences

Meeting the call management needs of manufacturing.
Parlance helps manufacturing enterprises streamline switchboard and call center operations while enhancing the caller experience. In addition to pleasing callers, reducing costs, and increasing call handling efficiency, Parlance can resolve changing dial plan issues (e.g. moving from an old 3 digit pattern to new 4 digit pattern), improve employee access to a wider set of enterprise destinations (coworker cell phones, for instance), and deliver universal dialing across the entire enterprise. Improve customer satisfaction and deliver simple and intuitive caller experiences.


Guaranteed Caller Experiences

Insuring against dissatisfaction and frustration.
Insurance agencies and healthcare payers require call management solutions that please callers, enable efficient business operations, and help control the rising costs of customer engagement. With Parlance self-service solutions at critical locations within the voice network, caller experiences become a brand asset, agents and operators become more available, and call handling costs become more available. Deliver excellent caller experiences and reduce costs with Parlance self-service solutions.

Food Service

Delivering Caller Satisfaction

Keeping customer relationships fresh.
Busy restaurant managers and chefs can frequently encounter overloaded agents or frustrating and slow Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems when engaging their food service suppliers. Parlance let’s food service companies deliver a fast, efficient, and simple customer experience through either centralized call management solutions at the corporate level, or at the individual operating company level. Our fully managed solutions are already benefitting dozens of operating companies and service centers at the largest food service distributors in the United States.

Businesses require operational efficiencies to reduce overall call management costs.

The importance of speech-driven technologies continues to rise. Callers have come to expect friction-free, self-service. Parlance provides a better solution for organizations who have come to rely on speech-enabled automated attendants, but demand an improved experience for their customers.

Parlance is a Nuance Speech Attendant replacement. We are preserving Voice-Driven Self Service for many Nuance customers, as Nuance SpeechAttendant® End of Life approaches. Save money! Please callers!

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