Better Experiences Begin Here

Parlance helps businesses deliver on the brand promise they make to customers. We help ensure that every caller interaction starts on the right foot. From understanding the ways your different caller communities interact with your voice network by looking at end-to-end caller journeys, to automated call management solutions that make it fast and easy for callers to get where they need to go, Parlance speech recognition automation solutions help ensure that every caller engagement starts off right.

Please Callers

Voice-Enabled Call Routing Allows Callers to Speak Naturally to Quickly Connect to the Resources They Need

For Contact Centers

Unavailable agents, frustrating and slow IVR menus, constant transfers from resource to resource — these common call management challenges can alienate callers, degrade your brand, and cause lost revenue.

Parlance self-service solutions accelerate and simplify contact center interactions for callers. No hold times, no agent-to-agent transfers, no frustrating and slow IVR menus to endure – in short, no frustration. Our fast and simple self-service solutions allow callers to speak and interact naturally. Rather than replacing your valuable agents, our solutions augment, enhance, and accelerate agent interactions.

Routine contact center requests and requests for common destinations or services that fall out of contact center purview (names, departments, general info, etc.) can adversely impact agent availability and the caller experience.

Parlance self-service solutions go beyond the confines of the contact center to establish an enterprise-wide call management directory. As the initial triage solution for the contact center, our solutions can manage not only contact center self-service processes, but also the name, department, and general info calls that can unnecessarily burden agents.

One common area of caller dissatisfaction concerns the agent-to-agent handoffs and transfers callers frequently encounter in the contact center. Due to erroneous IVR menu selection, dialing into the wrong service line, or any number of other causes, this bouncing around from line to line, agent to agent wastes time and effort and can lead to irate callers or even lost revenue.

Parlance self-service solutions guide callers to the appropriate resource on the first try. By quickly interacting with the caller in a natural and intuitive manner, we make it fast and easy for callers to get the assistance they need while reducing agent workload — even when callers dial into the wrong service line or location.

Unavailable agents, long hold times, frustrating and slow IVR menus, repeating one’s need to multiple agents — there is no shortage of ways in which contact center operations can cause customer complaints.

Parlance self-service solutions help alleviate many of the common dynamics that cause customer complaints. Immediate answer, efficient self-service that allows callers to just speak naturally, and intelligent call handling that immediately connects them to the right resource sets callers at ease and delivers a pleasing caller experience that positively reflects your brand.

As contact center interactions and associated expenditures continue to grow in this “age of customer service”, contact center managers frequently must strive to balance rising costs with the need to deliver excellent caller experiences in competitive marketplaces.

Parlance self-service solutions deliver all the advantages of automated technology without the frustration of IVR menus and instructions. Callers with routine requests are able to quickly and easily self-serve their need by speaking naturally — no menus, no instructions, no frustration. Additionally, callers dialing into the wrong service line can be immediately recognized and connected to the appropriate resource in seconds.

Due to dynamically changing caller requirements, shifting business processes and other influences, the day-to-day management of a contact center solution can become a time-consuming and vexing concern — one that often leads to degradations in performance and drops in much-desired ROI.

Parlance self-service solutions are delivered as a Managed Service. We manage every aspect of the development, deployment, and ongoing management of our fast and simple caller interaction solutions with minimal customer effort. In fact, its our managed service that enables the industry-leading performance and ROI our customers enjoy from Parlance solutions. Our team of dedicated caller behavior analysts and call management engineers are continuously monitoring, tuning, and refining our solutions to make the greatest possible impact in addressing your unique call management needs.

For Switchboards

Switchboard Managers must continually strive to balance high service levels for callers with the cost of call handling. Too often that equation is unbalanced, allowing cost reduction and control to supersede the caller experience.

Parlance brings balance back to the call management equation by delivering fast and simple self-service solutions that meet both the expectations of the caller, and the needs of the business. Our solutions interact with callers in the same manner as a live operator, and allow callers to speak naturally. No annoying IVR menus, no lengthy instructions — no frustration.

Long hold times, annoying IVRs and Auto Attendants, hurried interactions from stressed operators — switchboard interactions can often be a major detriment to customer satisfaction and brand perception.

Parlance self-service solutions accelerate and simplify switchboard interactions for callers. Our fast and simple self-service solutions allow callers to speak and interact naturally. Rather than replacing your valuable switchboard operators, our solutions augment, enhance, and accelerate operator interactions. We greet each caller and ensure they get to the right resource or a live operator in seconds.

Valuable switchboard operators are frequently overburdened with rising call loads. Yet, adding additional operator resources is expensive, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications with their long menus and lengthy instructions are annoying and frustrating for callers.

By offloading as much as 70% of total call load from operators, Parlance self-service solutions guarantee high service levels, ever-available operators, and a high-quality caller experience at a lower service delivery cost. This dramatic increase in call handling efficiency means your switchboard operations can manage much higher call load demands with the same or fewer resources — all while improving customer experiences and reducing costs.

For many customers, the first impression of a brand comes from a call. Good or bad, that initial interaction creates a subconscious perception that can either erode or build your brand reputation. 

Parlance self-service solutions allow you to deliver excellent first impressions and brand experiences — all while controlling costs and enjoying a high level of call management efficiency. Enjoy immediate answer with a branded greeting, simple queries to determine the callers need (“Who would you like to reach?”), and immediate connection to required destinations for routine requests and connection to a live operator for more complex needs. The result is a pleasant experience for callers and a positive reflection of your brand.

Balancing excellent caller experiences with call management costs is a difficult and crucial component of today’s customer experience processes. Rising service delivery costs, greater competition, and less patient customers have all made this challenge even more important in this new “age of the customer”.

Parlance self-service solutions reduce the cost of service delivery at the switchboard by enabling simple and efficient self-service connections. No annoying menus. No lengthy instructions. No frustration. Just a fast and simple “operator-like” interaction that allows callers to speak naturally. Many Parlance customers see as much as a 70% self-service rate from Parlance switchboard solutions — significantly reducing staffing challenges and associated costs. In addition, Parlance solutions come fully managed, further reducing costs by eliminating the need to expend internal resources on solution management.

Investments in voice network infrastructure, switchboard operator tools, and enterprise contact directory management can come with long ROIs, necessitating their ongoing usage before the desired value can be achieved.

Parlance self-service solutions allow you to leverage your existing voice network, switchboard, and contact directory investments while providing best-in-class self-service capabilities to callers. Our solutions easily integrate with your PBX, UC, console, and contact directory applications to deliver high quality customer experiences and rapid ROI that augments and makes the most of your existing investments.

Advanced Technology that Improves the Customer Experience

Parlance solutions leverage the latest analytics and speech recognition technology to let callers behave and speak naturally, and easily integrates with any PBX, contact center, or unified communications infrastructure.

Comprehensive Data that Evolves with Your Organization

Parlance ensures an accurate and comprehensive enterprise-wide contact directory. We synthesize an authoritative directory from enterprise data sources, and supplement these ongoing feeds through extensive analysis and actual listening to fill any gaps.

Unequalled Expertise that Ensures Successful Results

Parlance delivers the expertise—from technical implementation and directory management, to behavioral engineering and psychology—that pleases callers and improves business operations.

Managed Service that Keeps Pace with Your Organization

From HW/SW maintenance, to directory updates, pronunciation tuning, and analysis, Parlance delivers the ongoing services that ensure a successful solution and keep callers satisfied — now and far into the future.