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Caller Experience IS Patient Experience

w/ Chris Wells

Chris Wells from Bluetree Network discusses how process and technology improvements can help boost the patient experience, and shows how she leverages Parlance voice-enabled call routing solutions to radically improve her call management methods for her healthcare customers.

Redefining Customer Care

How Hometown Health Elevated the Caller Journey

Learn how Hometown Health Insurance took a good look into caller journeys, applied simple changes to overcome challenges, and improved metrics across the board with help from Parlance voice-enabled call routing solutions. Modern speech IVRs boost the caller journey and customer satisfaction.

Understand the Caller Journey

With CX Insights

Parlance CX Insights deliver unprecedented visibility into the complete caller journey—from the moment a caller dials in until they hang up. Deeply understand who your callers are, what they’re trying to do, the call paths they take, and where you can improve services and streamline call flow. Move beyond the limited scope of point based analysis tools to gain complete caller experience context. Uncover critical CX roadblocks and invest more wisely armed with greater knowledge of caller intent and behavior.

Caller Journey Example

“Two weeks after we went live with Parlance, I walked into a senior executive meeting and before I could say anything, they were applauding.”

Director - Customer Care Center, Renown Health

Improve the Caller Experience

With Adaptive Speech Automation

Parlance Adaptive Speech Automation solutions enable fast, simple, and intuitive caller experiences to get callers to the right place in a business without the effort and frustration of IVRs, AAs, and hold queues. High levels of user engagement deliver immediate impact and attractive ROI. Deliver the experiences your customers want, and the efficiencies your contact centers need. Please callers, increase agent availability, reduce costs, and more.

“Parlance has helped us overcome a historically labor-intensive operation, and we’re looking at an ROI of 5X in the first year alone.”

IT Manager for Telecommunications, Texas A&M University


Visionary organizations — healthcare, higher education, and enterprise — rely on Parlance every day to improve call handling, ease caller effort, and reduce operational costs.

“From digging deep into caller behavior to actually listening to our needs, developing appropriate solutions, and managing all the nuts and bolts, Parlance has been an exceptional partner.”

Director of Unified Communications, Arkansas Children's Hospital


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Empower Healthcare Switchboard Operators

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Learn how Lean principles can be applied in the contact center

White Paper: Can Lean Practices Transform Call Management?

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“Parlance has become more than just a vendor to us. They’re a crucial component of our Patient Experience Program.”

Assistant Hospital Administrator, Erie County Medical Center