Give Your Callers What They Want

A fast, simple connection and an exceptional caller experience — every time
We’re call handling experts, analyzing caller behavior and delivering innovative solutions to organizations of all shapes and sizes for more than two decades. With Parlance call management solutions in your voice network, callers just speak and behave naturally, like they would with a live operator – streamlining the journey to their destination.


Get a Competitive Advantage

Visionary organizations –from healthcare to higher education– already rely on Parlance to improve call handling, reduce operational costs, and raise customer satisfaction.

Transform your call handling

“Two weeks after we went live with Parlance, I walked into a senior executive meeting and before I could say anything, they were applauding.”

Director – Customer Care Center
Renown Health


Make Calling Your Company Easier and Faster

We reduce effort and speed connection times, so your callers are happy with their experience – and your business. No more delays, confusing menus, or frustration.

Improve the caller experience


“It blew me away. I was shocked by the system’s accuracy, and pleased with the exceptional service and support displayed by Parlance.”

Manager of Network Engineering
Reebok International


Our speech-driven call handling solutions guide callers, simulating live operator or live agent experiences. No instructions or menu options are involved. This is no dated Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) or Auto Attendant. Our advanced automated phone systems provide:

  • Superior Caller Experiences: Our advanced self-service solutions eliminate frustration — quickly and easily getting callers where they need to go.
  • Dependable Call Center Automation: We offload 50% or more of calls from operators and agents.
  • Minimal IT Requirements: We maintain ongoing solution management and ultimate performance, freeing up your already-busy IT resources.
  • No Hidden Costs: One flat service fee delivers predictable ROI that significantly reduces call handling costs.

Parlance Call Management Benefits

“We’re looking at an ROI of 5X in the first year alone. To say we’re pleased is to put it mildly.”

IT Manager – Telecommunications
Texas A&M University

Call Handling Insights

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“Parlance has become more than just a vendor to us. They’re a crucial component of our Patient Experience Program.”

Asst. Hospital Administrator
Erie County Medical Center