The benefit of healthcare expertise

Make Interactions Easy
for Patients & Staff

Choose healthcare’s most trusted AI-powered
voice & digital assistants.

Choose healthcare’s most trusted
AI-powered voice & digital assistants.

Deliver great patient experiences while lowering operating expenses at the hospital front door when callers use their voices to connect. Remove barriers to service and improve access to care.

25+ years at the forefront — IVR solutions & IVA solutions for health systems

Parlance serves hundreds of hospitals and clinics — more than any other AI solution

We guarantee performance — Our unrivaled expertise and managed service delivery assures proven results with less effort from your team.

We have always believed that callers deserve friction-free, voice-driven access to the right resources inside the large enterprises they communicate with every day. Parlance empowers organizations to harness the power of voice and enable callers to speak naturally and connect quickly.


Connecting to a healthcare provider should be simple — Healthtech

Make your digital front door wide open and welcoming with the best balance of technology and human support

We improve caller satisfaction for HUNDREDS of hospitals and clinics across the United States.


Reducing call management costs for enterprises since 1996

Eliminate expensive operator workforces with intelligent automation

Over 80% of customers and employees use their voices to engage with Parlance self-service solutions.


The primary call management
solution for higher ed

Cut operational costs and get immediate ROI

Parlance drastically reduces call volume and minimizes labor costs for colleges and universities across the nation. Our modern interactive voice response solutions optimize your voice network and reduce your reliance on live operators.

The power of patient voice

Parlance is purpose-built to offload calls from healthcare switchboards

Want to improve patient experience? Fix the phone! —increase self-service, reduce operator burden, and lower costs with the safest, newest, industrial grade technology solutions.

Quick ROI — Optimize operations the very first day with a 33% offload guarantee!
We transfer to patient rooms – Learn more about our secure HL7 applications.

Agents working at the top of their skillsets — Patient access contact centers

Handle increased call volume without additional hiring

Reduce agent burnout and create a happier, more productive work environment with better retention and lower operational costs.


Improve patient and provider experience — make connecting with resources quick and painless​


We guarantee Parlance will outperform Nuance Speech Attendant

For over 25 years, organizations nationwide have depended on Parlance managed service solutions to transform enterprise directories into speech-powered tools.

Visionary organizations rely on Parlance every day to

Improve call handling, ease consumer effort, and reduce operational costs.

How UC San Diego Health Created a Patient-Centered Experience and Transformed Patient Access

Unlocking the Key to Health Equity in the Revenue Cycle


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Can Lean Practices Transform Call Management?

Yes, they can! Learn how Lean principles can be applied in the contact center to improve service, create efficiency, and reduce costs.

Join the hundreds of organizations nationwide, who depend on Parlance