The Right Caller Prescription

Improving customer experiences — one call at a time.
Patients, family members, physicians, insurance agents, and other callers expect prompt and immediate service. Healthcare organizations, meanwhile, must balance rising costs with the need to deliver excellent customer experiences in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

At the switchboard, in critical call centers — even at the departmental level — Parlance self-service solutions deliver the experiences callers demand, and the efficiency and ROI healthcare organizations crave.

The Prescription for PBX Headaches is Voice-Enabled Call Routing

Parlance improves the first step of every caller’s journey by replacing frustrating IVR menus, reducing long hold times, and removing unnecessary barriers to care.

With Parlance relieving the burden of routine transfers and poor self-service, operators and agents can provide better service to callers who need complex support and empathy. Our managed solution ensures every caller receives immediate access, enables uninterrupted availability, continuously optimizes performance, and reduces operational costs.

Case Studies

Arkansas Children’s Hospital, one of the largest pediatric hospitals
in the U.S. and a top ranked facility by U.S. News & World Report,
was experiencing caller experience issues in their scheduling centers.
Callers were frustrated in dealing with a 7 option push-button
IVR system, and it could take as long as 2.5 minutes to get to the
appropriate resource. This resulted in a high number of opt-outs
to agents, who spent an inordinate amount of time dealing with
irate callers.

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White Papers

See how this proven,
60-year-old manufacturing
methodology can boost
customer satisfaction and
bring new efficiency to your
healthcare organization.

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Customer Stories

Parlance Speech-Driven IVR cuts call
volumes to operators and agents in half,
connects callers quickly and easily.
Renown Health – the largest integrated health
system in northern Nevada – relies on Parlance to
tame its ever-expanding call volumes – bringing
new efficiency and less stress to its busy call

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