For Contact Centers

Improve call center efficiency and enable pleasing self-service.

Call center automation solutions from Parlance allow your valuable agents to meet increasing call load demands and raise customer satisfaction. Combining the latest in speech recognition technology with innovative caller interaction capabilities, Parlance call center solutions emulate a live agent to meet a variety of self-service needs. From skills-based routing that delivers callers to the right skill set, to applications that assist with a variety of call center and agent processes, we make it fast and easy for customers to do what they need to do in your call center.

“Parlance has become more than just a vendor to us. They’re a crucial component of our Patient Experience Program.”

Director of Unified Communications, Erie County Medical Center


Enterprise-wide applications for internal users to speed collaboration and ease the connection burden on Operators.

Virtual Agents to guide callers to the correct skill pool or Agent in the call center.

Assist callers in scheduling prodedures to speed contact center interactions and reduce the burden on Agents.

Guide callers through external Password Reset processes to deflect these common requests away from Agents.

Automate, simplify, and accelerate food ordering processes to ease the Agent burden.

Gauge caller effort and evaluate call management process impact to identify caller experience challenges and potential solutions.

Redundant service delivery to ensure voice network access in the face of extreme weather, emergencies, or other unforeseen events.

Since nearly every company, voice network, and caller community is different, Parlance frequently partners with customers to deliver custom solutions to unique call handling challenges. Have a call management issue you feel may be expensive or complex to address? We’d love to show you how speech self-service may be able to deliver a cost effective and easy to implement solution.