Patient Access Contact Centers

Conversational AI increases self-service and reduces revenue leakage for health systems

In the patient access contact center, Parlance IVA solutions are truly transformative for patients and for agents. Our conversational AI and intelligent automation modernize and optimize healthcare’s digital front door.

Parlance specializes in building and managing purpose-built healthcare applications that provide patients the opportunity to connect to the services they need and to keep agents focused on high value skills.

From greeting callers and discerning intent, to authenticating identity and managing appointments, Parlance IVA solutions deliver excellent patient experiences. Most importantly, with our fully managed service we'll be with you every step of the way as your business grows and changes.

With Parlance speech-driven IVAs, your patient access center will leverage the best of today’s speech technology to bridge the gap between patient demand and staffing limitations.

Creating the right balance of AI technology and live support raises patient consumer satisfaction, reduces operational costs, and improves workforce productivity and morale.


Predictive Answering – Leveraging Caller ID

Authenticate Callers

Appointment Management

Outbound SMS Text – FAQs and Confirmations

Skills-Based Routing

Business Continuity

Custom Solutions

More Benefits

Deflect Calls
that Don’t Belong

Route calls throughout the enterprise without involving agent handoffs.

Agent Transfers

Robust speech recognition ensures that callers are routed to the right resource on the first try.

Reduce Customer Complaints

Callers connect quickly and agents are more available.

Reduce Agent

Eliminate routine and repetitive tasks and enable agents to work at the top of their skillsets.