Customer Stories

A few examples from clients who have solved big problems to achieve success.

Improving Patient Experience with Parlance Voice-Enabled Call Routing Solution

Parlance Account Executive Annmarie Block interviews Duane Donaway, Director of Technology at Hendrick Health.

Read more about Duane Donaway, Director of Technology at Hendrick Health. Duane discusses the benefits of Parlance and improving the experiences of internal and external Hendrick Health callers by using Parlance Service

Reducing Call Volume to Improve Staff and Patient Satisfaction

Jayne Chase at The Valley Health System

With nearly three decades’ experience as telecommunications manager at The Valley Health System, Jayne Chase knows her call center inside out. And with a staff of 13 fielding up to 3,500 calls per day for six Las Vegas hospitals, the overwhelming volume was causing considerable stress among her team members.

Improving Patient Experience

Jake Dorst at Tahoe Forest Health System

When Jake Dorst joined Tahoe Forest Health System as CIO, his new colleagues told him plainly: they were frustrated with their current call system. Every day, countless patients were getting lost in the void of endless, often inaccurate phone trees, and executive assistants were fielding calls that erroneously landed on their lines.