Hometown Health Transforms the Caller Experience

Hometown Health, the largest not-for-profit insurance company in Nevada, faced some significant challenges in servicing calls coming into their customer care center. Hold times and call abandonment were hitting all time highs as the contact center struggled to keep up with rising call loads in the face of ongoing company growth. Unfortunately, managers and executives were finding it difficult to track down the root causes of many of the contact center’s issues (particularly the high abandonment rate), and were struggling to understand what needed fixing and how to fix it.  Hometown Health turned to Parlance for help. Parlance saw the situation as the perfect opportunity to leverage their new CX Insights service–a new type of study that tracks end-to-end caller journeys to enable deep visibility into how callers interact with the business. The subsequent findings and recommendations could help Hometown Health both understand what was going wrong with callers and how to fix it. With newfound visibility into the complete end-to-end caller journey, several problems contributing to poor service levels immediately became clear. Many challenges were related to Hometown Health’s outdated IVRs, which were complex, broken, and ineffective in guiding callers to the right agent or resource. Fast forward a few months, and the caller experience at Hometown Health has been dramatically improved. The recommendations Parlance made as part of the CX Insights study were quickly and easily implemented, and Parlance deployed their Adaptive Speech Automation services to alleviate the IVR issues. The results? Lower costs, better experiences for callers, and greatly improved service levels. Abandonment rates alone demonstrate the simple and immediate impact of the Parlance partnership: Hometown Health CX Improvement

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Redefining Customer Care

How Hometown Health Elevated the Caller Journey

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