Hospital Sees 7X Improvement in Key CX Metrics

A California healthcare facility recently made changes to the way they manage calls coming in to their orthopedics clinics and scheduling line. Their improvements to the caller experience were recently validated by the organization’s “Phone Secret Shopper” program:

The facility turned to Press Ganey® and their “Medical Practice Solutions Starter®” for guidance on improving and evaluating the patient experience. As part of the improvements, Parlance call routing solutions were deployed to make it faster and easier for callers to get where they need to go within the voice network. Parlance Adaptive Speech Automation now greets callers into these service lines, ensures they’re in the right place, conducts initial triage of the call, and guides them to the most appropriate resource for assistance.

These changes have improved access to both orthopedics clinics and the scheduling center, as seen in the results of monthly “phone secret shopper” scores. Callers now enjoy immediate access to services, and get where they need to go in seconds–improving call flow and elevating the quality of voice interactions.

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