Parlance transforms corporate directories into speech-driven tools to help both consumers and businesses. 

Callers want friction-free, speech-driven access. They are using their voice with Siri for directions, Google to create their shopping list, and Alexa to find the weather. They’re even using their voice to get to Netflix instead of a TV remote. Using your voice simplifies the path to reach your destination. Businesses need to constantly pay attention to streamlining and create operational efficiencies that reduce overall call management costs. Many organizations have come to rely on speech-enabled automated attendants, and speech-driven IVRs for these reasons.

 Nuance recently announced that they will discontinue both their SpeechAttendant® and Open SpeechAttendant® products. Nuance said they are redirecting their focus to conversational AI solutions and leaving the speech attendant market. Now that Nuance speech attendant products are discontinued, organizations that rely on them will be forced to look for a new speech attendant solution service provider / partner OR they will need to increase their operator head count.

 Fortunately for Nuance customers, Parlance provides a better, managed service solution — one that takes the burden off the already overworked IT resources within enterprise organizations.

Parlance outperforms Nuance speech attendant capabilities — because it takes more than just technology to deliver great voice-driven experiences. With guaranteed results for nearly 25 years, organizations nationwide have depended on Parlance to modernize and improve the first 30 seconds of every caller’s journey and remove barriers to service. The first 30 seconds are critical to the callers satisfaction. Callers speak the name of a person, department, service, or location and are automatically transferred to the requested party – no more having your caller hit “0” repeatedly to talk to someone. By simplifying the easy call paths, callers will have no trouble routing their own call. For complicated requests, Parlance routes those calls to a live agent, whose held calls are now drastically reduced. In addition, Parlance creates branded dialogues and a real voice, customized for each organization. Our speech-enabled call routing solutions transform corporate directories into speech-driven tools, so people can speak naturally and connect directly.


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By Dan Heer