Organizations across the US, Canada, and the UK are switching to Parlance to avoid increasing their switchboard operator head count.

Parlance transforms corporate directories into speech-driven tools to help both consumers and businesses. 

  • As a consumer – when you call into a large organization, you want quick, easy access to the people and departments you need. Speech-driven access (using your voice) simplifies the path you have to take to reach those destinations.
  • As a business – streamlining operations and using labor efficiently reduces overall call management costs. Many organizations have come to rely on automated attendants and speech-driven IVRs (phone trees) for these reasons.

Since Nuance announced the discontinuation of their SpeechAttendant® products, many health systems, enterprise organizations, and institutions are scrambling to find an alternative.

Fortunately for Nuance customers, Parlance offers a better solution. And, we guarantee results Nuance could never achieve. As a managed service, we take the burden off internal teams and IT resources. With nearly 25 years of guaranteed performance results, organizations nationwide depend on Parlance to ease the first 30 seconds of every caller’s journey and remove barriers to service. With Parlance, callers speak the name of a person or department and are automatically transferred to the requested destination. People no longer smash “0” in frustration to get out of a phone tree maze and talk to a live person. When callers have complicated requests, Parlance quickly routes those calls to a live agent. With so many more callers happily self-serving, operators are available because their call queues are drastically reduced. Parlance speech-enabled call routing solutions transform corporate directories into speech-driven tools. When your callers can speak naturally and connect directly, without frustration, your call routing problems are eliminated! 

By Scott D’Entremont