Company Relieves Operator Burden and Reduces Caller Wait Time with Voice-Driven Automated Attendant

BOSTON, April 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As health systems across the nation struggle to respond to the coronavirus crisis, they’re changing the way they do business, adopting new tools and technologies, and transforming workforces to operate efficiently and safely without sacrificing service quality. Healthcare organizations are facing overwhelming call volumes. Callers have critical questions and urgent care needs. Calls will only increase when patients who deferred care during the crisis flood back into the system. Maximizing employee expertise is more critical than ever.

Massachusetts-based Parlance Corporation ( has speech-driven self-service solutions that replace the inefficient phone trees used on the main number of most hospitals and clinics. With Parlance, people can speak naturally and connect directly to the resources they need.  No confusing menus, no numbers to press, no long hold times. Seamlessly routing routine calls improves caller experience and frees up live staff to talk to people who require support and empathy. 

Parlance subscription-based solutions empower organizations to reduce call volume to main number operators by an average of 60%.  They specialize in leveraging speech recognition automation technologies, enterprise directory development, and data management. When healthcare systems partner with Parlance, callers can simply say, “coronavirus information,” for example, to be automatically routed to a designated hotline, or speak a department name to be instantly connected.

Reducing caller hold times and call abandonment has never been more consequential to patient and public health. As a managed service, Parlance is an agile partner for organizations that require in-the-moment changes to directories and dialogues, supporting customer needs. Unlike other speech attendant systems, Parlance experts continuously manage and update every aspect of the call routing solution, providing health systems and their patients with reliable, accurate experiences when they need it most.

This pandemic is not only challenging to healthcare, but enterprise, government, and education as well. Parlance voice-driven technologies are helping all such organizations communicate coronavirus contingency plans as they pivot services to online or tele-offerings.

Parlance delivers excellent caller experience — even in times of crisis:

  • Operator staff on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis are burdened with increased requests for information as well as emergencies. Parlance routes non-emergency calls, freeing up staff to field urgent/complex calls.
  • After the immediate coronavirus crisis passes, healthcare will struggle to play catch-up as patients who deferred care during this time flood back into the system.
  • Parlance experts prepare organizations for call volume surges, continuously maintain systems, and guarantee ROI.

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