To me, having a learning mindset is one of the most valuable skills to cultivate in order to ensure success for oneself. It encourages constant reflection, introspection, persistence, and the strength to always push forward. This mindset allows you to ask questions, to be curious, and to learn from your failures. Above all, it promotes personal growth and change, which are two of the most important qualifiers for success.

Everyone here at Parlance understands the value of a learning mindset, and it is something that I’ve strived to cultivate in my time working here. Having a learning mindset is baked into the very core of the company identity, and I’ve come to learn how it informs the way we approach every business endeavor and interaction. Parlance has been transforming the caller experience for hospitals since 1996, and I’m proud to be a part of the mission to improve accessibility for callers, especially those who need care. While the Parlance mission has remained steadfast, the company continues to innovate, grow, and learn ways to improve service and provide better results.

To have a learning mindset means having a commitment to persistence and hard work — not just failing, but learning from that failure and pushing beyond it. With this mindset, you won’t ever be completely satisfied with where you are, what you know, or what you can do. These hallmarks of a learning mindset can be found in every employee working at Parlance. Each department is made up of a remarkable group of thinkers and collaborators. Every day, each team here strives to learn, whether that be innovating new ways to improve our products, discovering how we can better help our customers, or gaining new ideas and skills from fellow coworkers. Such mindsets are the backbone behind our success, and working alongside these dedicated and tenured employees makes Parlance an amazing place to work and develop as a professional.

I asked the CEO of Parlance, Joseph Maxwell, and the head of customer operations, Cristin Shields, about what a learning mindset means to them, and how it takes shape in Parlance as a workplace and business.

“Having a learning mindset gives you the freedom to ask questions,” says Joseph. “We know that we have to constantly be looking to improve and do things better. That has given Parlance the ability to remain relevant over two and a half decades.”

“A learning mindset means having the awareness and humility to know that we can always do better. We acknowledge the incredible value in what both our customers and employees know, but we owe it to them to continue to learn,” Cristin tells me. “I think we embody that by working together as a team focused on and striving towards the same mission of improving the caller experience.”

At Parlance, we pride ourselves on the longevity of our solutions and how we’ve used that time to grow and improve. Parlance has seen the development of nearly three decades of telecommunications technologies and has always strived to learn from customers about what their needs are. This expertise means that we understand our customers and we can predict a lot of what they need. Therefore, we are able to deliver solutions that meet those needs better than any competitor. The adaptability, curiosity, and managed service delivery of Parlance have combined to create a solution that is constantly improving. Hundreds of hospitals and clinics rely on Parlance because of our proven dedication to improving the caller experience. Parlance is able to guarantee success thanks to our learning mindset, both for our clients and for ourselves.