Improving Call Handling Is Our Focus and Passion

We’re dedicated to helping you raise customer satisfaction

It’s simple. We deliver groundbreaking call handling solutions that increase customer satisfaction. Designing, implementing, managing, and analyzing the most caller-friendly virtual agents and operators is the primary focus of every single employee. It’s all we do, and no one does it better.

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Parlance Defining Qualities


We’ve spent more than two decades analyzing caller behavior and tailoring our solution to meet their specific needs. So we know that no two implementations are the same. That’s why we collaborate closely with you and dig into the specifics of your organization. We listen to your callers to understand their needs. We talk with operators to gain their on-the-job wisdom. This in-depth knowledge lets us search for ways to complement and enhance your existing call center, take the stress off your staff, and keep your organization ready for the future.


Parlance solutions have successfully connected more than 500 million calls for our customers. Our talented staff includes noted experts in all key areas –from telephony integration and directory development to dialog design and professional voiceover recording.


Our experts collaborate with you from initial discussions and surveys that help understand caller behavior through ongoing performance monitoring and assurance. We’re committed to the success of your voice services, year after year, adjusting and improving your call handling on an ongoing basis.


We’re leading the marketplace with call handling that benefits callers and the businesses that serve them. We’re dedicated to helping our customers move from outmoded, clunky auto attendant solutions of yesteryear to intelligent call handling that takes advantage of the latest technological breakthroughs.

Proven Results.

Leading hospitals, educational institutions, and businesses already rely on Operator Assistant every call, every day – year after year. Best of all, Operator Assistant starts smart and gets smarter every year, delivering new value. That’s why our customers routinely report ROI of 3x, 4x, and even 5x their investment.


We can have Operator Assistant fully implemented and operational in 30 days or less.


At Parlance, we support your commitment to callers by providing responsive service that is – according to our customers – “far and above anything we’ve seen” and “a breath of fresh air”.