Improving caller experience in healthcare should be top-of-mind for every patient experience and patient access professional.

At a time when health equity, rising consumerism, and patient experience are top-of-mind in healthcare, humanizing the patient journey is so important.

Embracing patients and family members with a better calling experience, from start to finish, removes frustration and sets the tone for the remainder of a caller’s engagement with the organization.

When health systems combine modern, voice-driven IVR with live agent support, they jump to the next level in voice communications for patients. That means fast, intuitive service for callers who know what they want, and less frustration and shorter hold times for callers who need to speak with a live agent. When more callers easily self-serve, agents are free to patiently service those people with more complex needs.

Parlance delivers speech recognition as a managed service for leading health systems nationwide, transforming old fashioned IVRs and automated attendants into easy-to-navigate speech-driven tools.

Some of the things we do to alleviate stress on the switchboard and improve patient experience:

  • Enable quick, accurate, voice-driven call routing
  • Eliminate common mistaken transfers at the switchboard
  • Connect families to patients
  • Authenticate patients
  • Remove mundane tasks for operators
  • Maintain service levels to callers in the midst of varying staffing levels