Voice Recognition Technology Transforms Corporate Directories into Speech-Driven Tools

BOSTON, June 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With Nuance’s December 2019 announcement that it will discontinue both SpeechAttendant® and Open SpeechAttendant® products, Parlance Corporation is stepping in to claim their share of the speech attendant market. Parlance automates enterprise call routing with intuitive self-service solutions that improve the first 30 seconds of a caller’s journey. By using Parlance, organizations empower their customers to speak naturally and connect directly to any person, department, service, or location when they call on the phone. No long hold times, no confusing menus, no numbers to press on a dial pad.

“Parlance has a 25-year legacy of transforming the very first moments of a caller’s experience. We deliver a seamless deployment and improved performance benchmarks for organizations who transition from Nuance SpeechAttendant. And we guarantee ROI, as we always have,” says Scott D’Entremont, Parlance Chief Revenue Officer.

Where many organizations rely on outdated phone trees or an unnecessarily large and expensive operator workforce to field incoming calls, Parlance transforms corporate directories into speech-enabled tools, allowing organizations to provide an easier customer experience and friction-free self-service.

When Parlance relieves the burden of routine transfers:

  • Call volume to live operators is reduced
  • Live agent effort is saved for more complex calls
  • Long hold queues are eliminated
  • There are fewer interactions from frustrated callers waiting on hold
  • First-call resolution (FCR) increases and staff morale improves
  • Employees are more productive when they can pick up the phone, say the name of the co-worker they need, and quickly connect. No more wasted time repeatedly looking up extensions.

Organizations realize ROI when Parlance enables optimization of these business operations.

Nuance’s exit from the speech attendant space and its discontinuation of support services for existing deployment at the end of 2020 compels businesses that rely on speech-enabled auto attendants to implement an alternative, to ensure uninterrupted customer satisfaction. As a managed service, Parlance leads organizations through every phase of deployment and maintenance, guaranteeing ROI through strong partnerships, industry-specific expertise, and time-tested technological excellence.

Parlance’s managed service delivers unparalleled value to incoming Nuance customers. While our solution is built upon the Nuance speech recognizer at its very core, it’s the 25 years’ worth of custom applications we’ve built around that core technology that guarantees continuous improvements for you and a friction-free experience for your callers.

  • Experience the significant performance improvement of a Parlance-managed directory — we build, tune, and manage directories that become source-of-truth for the enterprise and ensure optimal performance.
  • Our proprietary dictionary contains millions of names and grammars that enable your system to be responsive to authentic caller behavior.
  • Parlance handles 100% of the voice work for your solution, saving your team the hassle of creating new voice prompts. Everything is included in our simple, all-inclusive subscription fee.
  • We know that even the best technology isn’t enough to help you achieve your goals. Our team of dedicated experts provide personalized partnership to healthcare, enterprise, higher education, and government customers to guarantee ROI and maintain peak solution performance.

About Parlance: For nearly 25 years, organizations nationwide, in healthcare, enterprise, and higher education have depended on Parlance to ease caller experience and drive efficient business operations. As a managed service, we offer not only industry-leading technology, but a team of tenured experts who make each system work, take ownership of day-to-day performance, and guarantee ROI. We believe that consumers deserve friction-free, voice-driven access at the organizations they communicate with every day.

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