In early December 2019, Nuance announced to partners that they will discontinue SpeechAttendant® and Open SpeechAttendant® products.

Fortunately for Nuance customers, Parlance provides a better, highly interoperable solution. Parlance is a Nuance SpeechAttendant® Replacement — Our Solution Transforms Corporate Directories into Speech-Driven Tools.
Callers have come to expect friction-free, self-service access inside the organizations they communicate with every day. Businesses require operational efficiencies to reduce overall call management costs. Many organizations now rely on speech-enabled automated attendants, for these reasons.

Parlance outperforms Nuance speech attendant capabilities — it takes more than just technology to deliver great voice-driven experiences along with cost savings. For nearly 25 years, organizations nationwide have depended on Parlance to modernize and improve the first 30 seconds of every caller’s journey and remove barriers to service. Our modern speech attendant automates call routing with easy self-service solutions that improve customer experience. Parlance will deliver a seamless transition and improved performance benchmarks for organizations who transition from Nuance SpeechAttendant®.

As a managed service, Parlance offers not only industry-leading technology, but a team of tenured experts who make each system work, and take ownership of day-to-day performance. We guarantee ROI, as we always have. We empower organizations to harness the power of voice so their customers can speak naturally and connect directly when they call on the phone. No long hold times, no confusing menus, no numbers to press on a dial pad. In addition, Parlance creates branded dialogues and a real voice, customized for each organization. Our speech-enabled call routing solutions transform corporate directories into speech-driven tools, so people can speak naturally connect directly.