Hate IVRs and voicemail? You’re not alone.

Parlance and Mutare partner to transform the voice channel.

Callers dislike most IVRs and automated attendants, and will often merely abandon a call instead of waste time and energy on never ending options and menus. Callers don’t like leaving voicemail messages either, and employees don’t like getting them, so they tend to ignore them. Now Parlance and Mutare are solving these key challenges to enable faster and easier caller experiences and greater levels of message response.


Parlance lets callers make requests in their own voice—without frustrating automated attendants (AA), interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and other outmoded solutions. Fast, simple, and intuitive caller experiences yield high levels of self-service, and allow callers to reach their destinations quickly and easily.

What Parlance delivers:

  • A caller experience that’s fantastic, not frustrating
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Fewer transfers or abandoned calls
  • Greater revenue


Mutare continues to improve the caller experience if a caller reaches voicemail. Mutare solutions convert voicemails to more-preferable text or email message while adding context—such as customer ID, policy number, and other key information. Recipients can respond faster, more easily, and more thoroughly.

What Mutare delivers:

  • Higher employee efficiency
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Ability to respond via email or text
  • No need for a voicemail system, or its associated costs

Together, we bring new efficiency the entire voice channel, from improving the caller experience to responding quickly efficiently to all requests.

  • Increase the reliability of the voice channel
  • Build trust between you and your customers
  • Keep callers happy
  • Leverage the latest technology to enhance communication
  • Reduce the cost of enterprise call management
  • Move toward eliminating voicemail


of customers still prefer the voice channel.


of businesses still utilize 1980’s IVR technology.


of phone calls go straight to voicemail.


of workers find text messages more convenient.

Is voicemail dead?

No. But with the complementary strengths of Parlance and Mutare, it’s on its way to becoming an annoying memory. In its place, you’ll find a more efficient, vibrant voice channel that keeps callers happy and engaged.

What’s in it for callers?

Plenty. Callers get an exceptional experience that leverages state-of-the-art technology—the kind that exceeds their expectations, and accelerates their engagement with hospitals, businesses, educational institutions, and other organizations that receive significant volumes of incoming calls. Like yours.

More Information

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