Texas Association of Community Colleges



…because every caller deserves white glove service.


Every call to a Texas Community College represents an opportunity to reinforce the school’s brand, demonstrate excellence in service and present a technology-forward attitude.

In today’s calling environment, speech recognition is everywhere, but only Parlance’s Operator Assistant puts the caller experience front and center in its solution.

Hear the Difference

Operator Assistant is simple, clear and effective.

Operator Assistant eliminates all unnecessary instructions and confusing multi-choice options from solution dialogs, interacting with the caller in the same manner as a live operator and instantly engaging the caller: Simple Request

Operator Assistant recognizes when a caller needs the expertise of an operator: Complex Request

Operator Assistant also recognizes when a caller needs additional assistance: Additional Assistance

Additionally, Operator Assistant offers natural language interaction capabilities which allows callers to speak in a naturally conversational manner: Natural Language

You define the reach and behavior of Operator Assistant for the wide variety of callers who interact with the University each day.


Experience the Difference

Offer Your Callers an Excellent Experience


  • Professional voice talent – male, female, Spanish
  • Time-of-day, day-of-week, day-of-year dialog & announcements
  • Caller ID and number dialed to determine appropriate dialog

Improved Access

  • One-number access to the campus directory for all students, faculty and staff 24/7/365
  • Ease of use for mobile callers – no look-ups, no extensions to enter

Business Continuity

  • Ensure voice connections if campus systems are compromised

Authoritative Campus Contact Directory

  • Continuously fine-tuned and can be shared with other systems
  • Automated updating process
  • Parlance WebTools give operators flexibility and simple look-up and change capabilities

Capture Call Data

  • Available via WebTools online reporting application

Additional Applications

  • Personal directories
  • Skill-based routing
  • Customized departmental dialogs

For more information on Operator Assistant at Texas Community Colleges, call 888-700-6263 or email [email protected].