Andy Draper, Regional CIO at HCA Healthcare, identified consolidation and automation of the telecommunications infrastructure as an opportunity to modernize switchboard operations, increase the productivity of PBX operators, reduce labor costs, and improve calling experiences for patients and their families.  “We selected Parlance as our PBX AI partner during the height of the pandemic, and it has delivered significant results. In December 2020, we went live with Parlance in 6 weeks at a very large hospital, then subsequently rolled it out across all 10 hospitals in two states. As a CIO and professor of artificial intelligence in healthcare, I was impressed with Parlance’s robust combination of conversational AI technologies and proprietary tools. Their commitment to the data science of AI over their 25+ year history and their unrivaled name recognizer technology are demonstrated by the ROI — over 70% of our external calls are handled by Parlance technology. This allowed us to reduce FTEs by 50% and consolidate the department,” says Draper.  A regional cost reduction initiative mandated: 

  •  A quick solution implementation and ‘go live’ to avoid hiring new FTEs to replace retiring operators 
  • The use of AI to automate routine call routing tasks and increase productivity of frontline staff 
  • A solution with proven ROI and demonstrated success in the healthcare industry 
  • A tool with high accuracy in proper name recognition to decrease inbound call volume to PBX operators 
  • Substitution of labor with technology where appropriate — saving human effort for complex calls 
  • Support for operators — with modern technology tools to help build a more engaged employee culture 

 Parlance went live on-time with an immediate 52% offload! Following the ‘go live’ Parlance completed a deep analysis of calls to determine what directory database improvements were needed and how to better service callers throughout the care delivery network. This thorough discovery yielded new visibility into operational holes.  Parlance recommended improvements that eliminated friction for callers, increased self-service capabilities, reduced operator and agent burdens, and decreased operator workload. Parlance saves money for HCA while improving patient and operator experience at the switchboard, delivering comprehensive speech-driven solutions that bridge the gap between staffing limitations and patient demand. This video contains snippets from the 1-hour webinar.