New study examines the causes and repercussions of excess workload in the contact center, and offers advice on how to reduce the burden for callers, agents, managers, and IT resources.

Taming Contact Center Workload White Paper

Parlance presents a new white paper that examines the different types of workload at play in contact center environments and provides recommendations on how to solve many common workload challenges. The paper provides a unique take on an often overlooked group in the contact center that can routinely suffer from excess workload — callers.

The new paper discusses the increasing importance of excellent customer experiences and looks at the difficulties contact centers have in delivering them – despite increasing staffing levels. The paper focuses on four main groups in the contact center that can suffer from workload challenges – callers, agents, managers, and IT resources.

Solutions to address the assorted workload challenges are also examined, and recommend today’s latest advanced speech self-service solutions as a fast and effective means of alleviating workload, increasing capacity, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing the customer experience.